Just right click the download links below to save the free ringtone files to your computer. Select the format based on your phone. The Apple iPhone mobile digital device uses the M4R format; many smartphone devices use the MP3 format.

Download as M4R [246K]
Download as MP3 [154K]

How to set one of these files as your ringtone.


If you have an Apple iPhone mobile digital device, use the download instructions below.


Download the Ancira ringtone file (M4R format) to a directory of your choosing on your computer.

Import to iTunes

Double click the file to open it in iTunes and import it into the ringtones library.

Sync to phone

Plug your iPhone into your computer.
Click on iPhone.
Click on ringtones tab.
Make sure that the synch ringtones checkbox is checked.
Click synch.

Set as ringtone

Use your iPhone to set the ringtone as you normally would either as the default ringtone or assigned to a contact. RING!

Other Phones

Most smartphones can play MP3 files as ringtones. The process for downloading and installing ringtones to a smartphone may vary greatly based on phone, operating system, and service provider. Check your user manual or your providerís website. Some providers may limit your access to ringtones not sold through their site. You can still enjoy the MP3s on your computer!

Please note: By using the ringtones page, you agree to the ringtones terms of use as well as the general terms of use for Ancira.com. Ancira has no association, affiliation, sponsorship, certification, approval, or endorsement from any cell phone handset manufacturer or telecom service provider. Ancira custom ringtones and download instructions have not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple, Inc. or any other manufacturer.

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